Since this is site about propaganda, and one of the key considerations in analyzing propaganda is to consider the source, I am going to start off by saying that this is a student project.  Based on what I’ve studied, my knowledge of this highly complex topic has probably barely broken the surface.

But I think it’s important.  Every day we are bombarded with messages that try to persuade us.  Advertising.  News media.  Government.  Organizations.  Educators.  The list goes on.  We are inadequately prepared in both time and resources to give this information the analysis it requires.  And as a result, it goes, for the most part, unchallenged.

The desire to know the truth , or to be told what is true, is problematic.  It causes us to accept whatever sounds correct.  It causes us to believe what we want to believe.

And what we see is generally a byproduct of this.  There are those who challenge “the system” and there are those who are part of it.  And then there are those who are indifferent.

Clearly this isn’t really the way things are, but it is certainly how the issue is portrayed.  How many open discussions are there on this topic outside of the personal and academic sectors?

I know this is something that I don’t see every day.  For me the issue is the lack of discourse.  While the notion of an honest and open society may be Utopian, I am optimistic.  But the first step in overcoming manipulation is to understand it as best as possible.  This isn’t something that can be achieved individually.  And clearly argument and debate have yet to leave a lasting impact.   For me the  likely solution is to learn from each other, try to find common ground, and hopefully in time set a new standard for the way the public is informed.

So in making this site, my goal is to learn just as much as–and probably more than–it is to inform.  It is to encourage critical thinking and active participation, both of which are doable goals that are not practiced enough.  So please leave your comments, complaints, challenges.  They are more than welcome.


5 responses to “About

  1. Alice

    I`m doing an essay on “Documentaries being used as political propaganda” and need to reference by sources, is there anywhere I am able to find your name or a name you you go by online? It`s a requirement otherwise I can`t use you as a source!

    Struggling student

  2. Anonymous

    mikie is aw

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