Questions for Consideration

Here is the place for general comments on the issue of propaganda…feel free to post whatever you find relevant.  Since propaganda is a topic that is so highly misunderstood and difficult to define, here are some questions that interest me and that I think are revelvant in understanding the overall nature of this issue:

1)      Where do you generally draw the line between persuasion and propaganda?

2)      Do you feel that your education used propagandistic techniques to create consensus (for example, in high school history textbooks?)  How so?

3)      Do you think propaganda can at times be used in positive ways?

4)      Is it necessary, to some degree, to keep people in the dark (specifically when it comes to policy decisions made by the government)?

5)      Does human psychology make us susceptible to propaganda, or is its use a byproduct of the society we live in?

6)      How much responsibility should the public take in educating themselves, and how responsible are the media and government for providing accurate information?

7)      What do you think would be the effects of having a well-informed, critically thinking public?


One response to “Questions for Consideration

  1. why is propaganda named after the color.(black white and gray)

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